Supply Chain Consulting Services
(Supply Chain Mapping & Design, Global Sourcing, Supplier Qualification & Audit, Material Management, Value Stream Mapping, Demand-Supply Matching, Lead Time Reduction, Commodity Cost Reduction, Assurance of Supply Management, Procurement Risk Management, Supplier Quality Management)
• Supply Chain Mapping and Design
PAYAGAM GROUP is able to map your graphical representation of your supplier network. Creating the map will give you a representation of your suppliers and can help make adjustments on the fly when you need updating on product development strategy. We can create a database to hold concepts, relationship, logistics, & more.
• Global Sourcing of variety commodity types
PAYAGAM GROUP Engineering has the resources to help your company set up global sourcing to help return the most on your investment. We have the logistics to find the best opportunity for your company to help produce the best product at the best cost. Let us use our resources to establish the best Global Sourcing for your company.
• Supplier Qualification and Audit
Finding a supplier can make or break a business plan. PAYAGAM GROUP Engineering has the capabilities to make sure the suppliers have the qualification and resources to handle your business. Whether it’s an ISO certification, or any other certification that is needed we can find the supplier and audit their business and process to make sure it meets the standards.
• Materials Management and Handling
Material management is one of the most important factors in supply chain management. We can help source the material, and find the best process to make your business or product the most efficient with correct profit margins. With our material management, we can handle the inventory levels and set the best plan of action to help the product development and manufacturing is running in the most efficient way possible.
• Value Stream Mapping
Creating a product is a very involved process from design and development to manufacturing and bringing the product to market. We can help create a value stream map to help document, analyze and improve the process, product, or material. Creating the products is hard enough but making sure we have the best process for the manufacturer, supplier, and any other functioning role is producing at the highest efficiency. This will bring more value to your business at the end of the day and help deliver the best product.
• Demand-Supply Matching
Demand-supply matching is the foundation of supply chain management. We can help forecast for capacity, lead-time gap, and collaborative planning to help your product. The uncertainty in the markets can create complications in the end to end contract manufacturing business but with our expertise in the industry it’s something we are capable of handling.
• Supply Chain Lead-time Reduction
Getting the product to the consumer is the end goal, but how companies get the product can make all of the difference. We will help create a plan of action to help reduce the lead time and deliver your product with the best lowest cost and most efficiency. Creating the best supply chain plan and executing is what sets us apart from competitors.
• Commodity Cost Reduction
PAYAGAM GROUP Engineering understands your year over year bottom line. We can help reduce the commodity cost of developing your product. Find the best supply chain management plan can help increase profits, let us help reduce your cost and deliver your products with faster lead times.
• Assurance of Supply Management
Creating the best and most efficient supply chain plan is an important process to consider when you developing a product. Unfortunately, things do not always happen as planned, whether internal or external plans need to be adjusted. We can help anticipated and plan for reducing your risk and ensure you have the best supply chain management in place.
• Procurement Risk Management
Risks are unpredictable and part of creating a supply chain management plan. With our expertise in the product development industry, we understand how to reduce the risk associated with supply chain management. Risk management with us is a strategic plan to help execute the best plan of action for your business.
• Supplier Quality Management
Suppliers are key factors in how your product is developed. Finding the correct suppliers to help reduce cost, meet the quality standards, and lead deadlines are one of the most important factors in a supply chain management company. PAYAGAM GROUP Engineering has suppliers continuously meet the standards needed to produce the best product and meet the industry standards.